Mono lever switch جوستيك مفتاح رباعي

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rotary switch nux
Mono lever switch

Model Long lever Short lever
Rated insulation voltage 600 V
Rated electro current 3 A 250 V a.c
Contact composition Double block Slow-make (1 line 2 contacts, max forming line : 4)
Insulation resistance 100 mΩ (500 V d.c)
Dielectric strength 2500 V a.c, for 1min (between the recharging part and non recharging part)
Contact resistance Max 20 ㏁ (default value)
Mechanical life expectancy Above 500 thousand times
Electrical life expectancy Above 100 thousand times
Ambient temperature -20 ~ 50 ˚C
Ambient humidity 45 ~ 85 % R.H.

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2حركه عاده, 2 حركه سوسته, 4حركه عاده, 4 حركه سوسته


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