total thit0155026 جهاز قياس حراره

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جهاز قياس حراره بالليزر

جهاز قياس حرارة – THIT0155026


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جهاز قياس حرارة – THIT0155026

THIT0155026 Infrared Thermometer

Reading available in Celsius (ºC) and Fahrenheit (ºF) units.

Large LCD Screen with LED light and beeping sound indications.

Respond time is only around <0.5s with a distance-to-spot ratio (D:S) of 12:1

Model no. THIT0155026
Dimensions 19cm * 12cm * 6cm
Temperature -50°C ~ +450°C (-58°F ~ +842°F)
Weight 0.25kg


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